Conscious Homeware

The philosophy at Cuemars has always been to be conscious without compromising on aesthetics. What we put in our home is no exception. The home is a multisensory place from the ocular to the auricular, we believe in invigorating the neural channels. Most of our homeware, from our selection of ceramics to our throws, is driven by a vision of sustainability and honest living. 


From soy-based candles made by Nathalie Bond, incense sticks by Oneironaut, to plush and exceedingly soft alpaca and new wool throws by SoCosy we trust that natural materials and conscious processes are at the heart of a good home. The collection of homeware at Cuemars relies on an equilibrium between timeless, simple design and practical answers to achieving those designs, without negatively impinging on the environment. With carbon neutrality in mind, our lighting uses LED filament bulbs and dimmable incandescent lights without negotiating on the sculptural aesthetic. 

We believe in the art of preservation and sustaining the sustainable, that’s why we only house plants and all our flowers are dried, so we don’t take a perfectly healthy bud out the ground. Additionally, our range of captivating terrariums honour the notions of symbiosis and maintaining ecosystems. We think the home operates in the same way, where small but important things keep the home ecology running tranquilly. 

The aesthetic of the interior influences our subconscious and contributes to our mood, whether it’s the colour of the walls or the presence of plants. Ways to enhance and configure certain moods depend on the manifestation of colours. At Cuemars, we incorporate colours we associate with equanimity, modernism, and minimalism. Our Haws watering cans are a perfect example of influencing mood and colour through homeware choices. At the same time, it’s important to be aware of the sustainability of materials we stock, including our pots and ceramics. We avoid using plastic, in favour of earthy terracotta planters and delicate pottery. 

The home is where we wake up in the mornings and resign to in the evenings, it’s an integral part of our lives. In this way, what we put in our homes is as important as what we put in our bodies.


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