Cuemars’ Mission Statement

At Cuemars, we are aware of our responsibility in the prevention of ecological degradation, and that’s why we continuously find ways to better our practices and impress upon ourselves notions of sustainable duty. Cuemars focuses on betterment through sustainability, green approaches, and knowledge. Cuemars’ ethos of 'buy less, buy better' has evolved over the years, however, an ineffable attitude towards conscious curation has been our ambition since the start.


In order to protect our planet, we have to recognise the significance of sustaining what already exists. Sustainability comes in many forms, from incorporating more plants into our immediate surroundings to re-purposing products. To maintain an ecological balance, we use LED filament and dimmable incandescent lighting to negate a heavy carbon footprint. At Cuemars, our packaging is plastic-free. We use paper bags, plant-based sleeves for our art prints, and our print travel tubes are made of chemical free-cardboard.

Green Approaches

At Cuemars, we try our best to scrutinise every part of the production of products we stock. We work with clothing brands dedicated to fair and honest techniques, from organic fabrics to non-discriminatory employment and pay for workers. Our range of beauty and skincare products adhere to the tenets of clean beauty, shunning parabens, and other harmful chemicals. As well as protecting the skin we live in, the skincare on our shelves protects our oceans from destructive particles.


We believe one of the most effective ways towards the preservation of our environment is through the inculcation of consciousness and the sharing of knowledge. Our choice to act is directed by the knowledge we have and what we do with that knowledge. Cuemars preserves the responsibility of advising people on greener practices and how to become more conscious. We think small conversations can lead to big changes.


Our Operations at a Glance

  • We use FSC Certified jewellery boxes for all our jewellery
  • Our prints are packaged in plant-based sleeves made from renewable PLA from corn and potato starch. They are biodegradable and compostable
  • We aim to package clothing orders in compostable, plant-based noissue Mailers
  • Our clothing ranges use organic cotton and we only work with fair trade factories
  • We source beauty brands that aim to use organic and natural ingredients
  • As much as possible, our jewellery is made using recycled silver and ethically-sourced gemstones
  • Our print travel tubes are plastic-free and made from chemical-free cardboard
  • Our website is hosted by an environmentally-friendly platform called Green Geeks


Cuemars’ Goals

At Cuemars our goal is to be a plastic-free company, and while it’s a work-in-progress we know we’ll get there by adopting an approach where we only use compostable and recyclable packaging. 

While we can’t become completely green overnight, we like to believe that we have high standards when it comes to protecting the environment. That’s why at Cuemars every product on our shelves goes through an onerous process. We want to be sure that we’re moving towards an organic, natural, sustainable, cruelty-free and morally sound culture.

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