WE ARE OPEN and have exciting news!

Cuemars has expanded with a second shop now open on Dray Walk in Shoreditch, not too far from our flagship 91 Brick Lane boutique. This means more independent makers, art, lifestyle products and all things green. Come and visit from 11am to 6pm, 7 days a week.

limited edition by goodbond

100% cotton tiger throw

Where to find us

Our store is located in the heart of Shoreditch, in the Truman Brewery, you will recognise us for our huge array of house plants gracing the outside of our store. Find us at:

91 Brick Lane and Shop 8, Dray Walk | E1 - London - UK

We are OPEN for business 7 days a week from 11am - 6pm.

We aim to promote green living and you will find in our store a large selection of indoor plants, pots and plant accessories.

If you love nature and growing your own urban jungle, come to visit our 'Oxygen Room' where you will discover our very own forest.

who are we

Cuemars is an attitude. We eschew trends in favour of timeless style. Our philosophy is founded on conscious curation and aesthetically engaging designs. At the heart of Cuemars is the adage: buy less, buy better. We house multiple independent brands that produce durable, culturally-relevant, contemporary clothing, lifestyle and homeware goods. 

Cuemars started with the vision that every purchasing choice can make a difference. We are committed to honest sustainability through our supply chain. From sourcing to distribution, we scrutinise every process and every supplier before it reaches you. We seek to actualise a positive buying experience. Our name is not just a product, it is a story.

We pursue cultural significance, driven by a belief that design is not synonymous with trends. Assuming a design practice based on our own transcription that, relevancy is contingent to nature, not only in this age, but universally. We are visionary curators of bodacious design and what good design should be; at its nexus is a persistent symbiosis with the environment. Our designs are a compliment to histories and natural, organic forms. - In a society cascading towards considered purchasing, we are instigators/provocateurs of such ebbs in culture.