Wellness while Self Isolating

The fallout of current events poses a stark contrast to the lives we are used to - especially for fellow city-dwellers who lead busy lives. Everyday there seems to be a new rule or restriction made to increase safety during this pandemic: having to stay home, keeping a distance from loved ones and muting social needs. It is time to come together and try our best to stay connected and help one another as much as we can.

Self isolating at home can pose the challenge of keeping in a healthy state of mind and body. Whether you are working from home during this period or waiting for the storm to pass, here are some tips to try and stay calm and sane when the world feels overwhelming.



Anxiety has the potential to consume us when we feel out of control - a likely occurrence when self isolating. Trying to create a calm space where you are able to focus is important, and separating areas into rest space and work space can help your brain adjust. Simple things like keeping your surroundings tidy, listening to the radio for company, or taking regular breaks to put the kettle on can help create a new routine that works for you.

For most, working from home means sitting behind a screen and having to be logged into the digital world. Limiting news consumption, muting notifications or practising putting your phone down and closing tabs once you are finished will ease the over-saturation of information. Calling loved ones to hear their voices brings some much needed human interaction. Make sure to reach out and let people know if you are feeling lonely or are struggling. Social distancing does not mean cutting yourself off from the rest of the world.


Physical Activity

Stuck at home? No problem, there are ways to get up and moving! Trying to incorporate some physical activity into your daily routine is so important when cooped up inside. We don’t realise how much exercise is involved in our daily commutes and busy city living.

Keeping moving at home could include dancing to your favourite music, practising yoga or pilates or trying out a free online class. Above all, be sure to remember to take breaks to get up and stretch it out. Utilise your resources and go outside if you need to - going for a walk whilst being mindful of the humans around you is something that could benefit your brain and body greatly. Visiting a green space or breathing in some fresh air will conquer the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped indoors. 

We will be posting more on our stories to help keep you connected.


Mood and Food

Diet can improve your mood, combat fatigue, boost your immune system and power your brain! It can be easy to slip into eating patterns of boredom or comfort whilst staying home, so be mindful of what your body needs. 

Eating regular portions can combat low blood sugar which is a cause of feeling tired, demotivated or a low mood. Trying to get in lots of fruits and veggies as well as food that release energy throughout the day, like pasta, oats, rice, bread and nuts, will keep you going. Sweet treats are fine in moderation but will make you crash quicker! Proteins like fish, eggs and soya will keep you feeling fuller and better for longer.

Most importantly, stay hydrated to keep your brain focused and thinking clearly. We all love coffee, but it can dehydrate you as well as igniting anxious side effects. Try and manage your intake during the day, or better yet try a calming herbal tea as an alternative, and keep topping up that glass of water.


A Final Note 

Keep in mind that this is all temporary and we are all trying our best as a community to work together and keep life moving. The main priority is making sure to look after yourself and, in turn, keeping those around you safe. Practise small things like staying mindful of how much you buy at the grocery store, shopping local and from small businesses and checking in on those most vulnerable.

Stay safe and keep in touch - let us know how you are passing the time during self-isolation and share some positivity with your fellow humans!

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