Balancing Business and Babies with Niza Huang

Whether you are able to see your loved ones or are staying safely at home, today we celebrate and think about the matriarchs in our lives who have shaped us into who we are! We are proud to house many independent brands here at Cuemars including those that are family-run and working Mums who balance business and babies.

We interviewed Niza Huang, a new Mum and maker whose jewellery collections seek to create contemporary and timeless designs. Niza shares the challenges, the triumphs and some helpful advice to those navigating careers and parenthood. 

Hi Niza! How do you find balancing running an independent business since becoming a new mum?

Having a newborn was more overwhelming than I expected; I felt like my life was turned upside-down. Luckily, it didn’t last long; the hardest challenge was to come to terms with the changes to my body and my lifestyle. You get used to it eventually and adapt to it. You learn to prioritise your time and let go of everything that is not necessary to only focus on the essentials. I started to make decisions faster and create a new routine that works for me while the little one is around.

"Don't try to be a superwoman and do everything on your own"

What would you say are the main challenges you have faced career wise since welcoming your new addition?

 I was struggling to find the right balance between spending more time with my family and finding time for my business, as well as myself. I have guilt for my baby when I am working, that I am not giving him enough attention, and I also feel bad when I don’t work on my business enough.

What advice would you give to new mums who are running their own brands?

Don’t try to be a superwoman and do everything on your own. Get help for the house work, if you can get a housekeeper to do the cleaning and do the groceries online to save time. Having good communication with your partner is essential, agree with them on how they can help and be clear on what you need. Having a baby is teamwork!

Write down the to-do lists for the next day, being realistic about your time. Focus on the priority, mark it off when it is done, write tomorrow’s list… and so on. This helps to really focus on the important tasks and increase efficiency.

Make time for yourself! Take time out for yourself to rebalance the energy and make yourself feel lighter. Ask your partner to give you some alone time every day that you can do whatever you like and not be bothered. I like to have a warm bath, do some meditation or go to the gym.

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