The plant movement: why houseplants are important

A small, regal bonsai planted on a shelf or a delicate Ficus Benjamina potted in the corner of the living room, why is it that so many plants are cropping up in people’s homes? The growing interest in plants in the home or workplace implies a movement towards greener practices. 


At Cuemars, we are often approached by businesses who need assistance in creating a greener office environment. It’s not only millennials who are buying more houseplants, in fact, we come across a whole spectrum of people looking to turn their home or office into a greener and more eco-conscious space. It’s our view that there’s a reactionary mentality going on to what is happening in the environment, which is driving people to do something proactive. People can feel the pollution, and having a plant is a way of making a contributive change.

Cuemars is endowed with the mission to make a representable impact on the climate. It’s the reason we have our Oxygen Room - a Georgian style interior filled to the ceiling with a vast species of plants. Our choice to devote a large part of our work to plants isn’t driven by a bandwagon, rather it’s our idea of pragmatism in the face of risks of climate frailty. Part of our attitude at Cuemars is to externalise what we do on a wider scale. In the past, we have worked with ecological charities to protect and maintain forestland. In the future, we hope to achieve more ambitious goals of taking the Cuemars ethos around the world.


So, why is having a houseplant important? One of the biggest reasons for the rising purchase of plants is their ability to effectively remove polluting agents from the air and improve its quality. Aside from their cleaning properties houseplants have positive psychological benefits, from improving mood, reducing stress, and increasing work productivity. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that plants can have such an incredible effect on our lives, but we can vouch for how much better we feel having an indoor jungle. If you’re still not convinced, try placing a plant on your desk for better productivity or positioning yourself so you have a view of nature outside your window. 


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