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When it comes to deciding about delicate wear there’s more to consider than whether it looks becoming. Unlike artistic practises, the design of jewellery isn’t driven exclusively by techniques of impulsive impasto or the fragility of fine art, at least that’s the way we see it at Cuemars. We believe taking heed from nature is just as important to design as it is to sustainability. That’s why we often find ourselves working with jewellery designers who take inspiration from raw, natural forms and fine artistry.


Cuemars houses labels including Corosch. Driven by sculptural arrangements and artistic minimalism, the designs at Corosch contemplate art and nature in their simplest forms. The various collections and designers we work with reveals the diversity of interpretation around the raw and natural which occurs in the everyday. We have the pleasure of working with jewellers including MomocreaturaBehô StudioNiza HuangMisan Jewellery, and Nina Ullrich. 

Corosch Jewellery Cuemars

Niza Huang Jewellery

Beho Studio Jewellery

Each designer is unique in their approach and craftsmanship, whether it is the likes of Momocreatura’s Momoko Tamura, who is influenced by folk and fairy-tale narratives or Niza Huang who uses organic forms such as natural rock to create bespoke jewellery. We feel a certain intrepidness when we think about our curation of jewellery, not only because the designers we have at Cuemars push the confines of design, but also because of the active and deliberate effort they make towards greener choices – from using recycled sterling silver for jewellery to sustainable packaging.

Momocreatura Jewellery sun & moon jewelleryMomocreatura jewellery moon jewellery

The question is, how do you choose the right jewellery for you? When it comes to buying jewellery for ourselves or someone else we know there’s a checklist – price, design, colour. We like to think we’ve got all that covered, from the unassuming to the bespoke there’s usually something for every taste. The question of gold or silver is one we leave down to personal preference, there’s certainly an abundance of both on our tables.

Corosch Jewellery sterling silver

Something which might not be on everyone’s radar is the sustainability of the jewellery we wear. The choice to stock mostly sterling silver and sterling silver gold-plated jewellery emerges from our decision to stay faithful to timelessness. If a piece of jewellery is truly timeless why be forced to throw it away because it starts to discolour? Sometimes it’s difficult to envisage the long-run, however opting for slightly more expensive, but better materials is at the core of being conscious about our purchasing choices.


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