Corosch is a design studio. Its etymology derives from the name given to the God of the Sun. Corosch is founded on an affinity between technique and creation. Its creative direction flows from natural geometry and morphological study. Corosch takes steps towards genderless, transient designs and versatile styles.
The essence of Corosch is defined by a renegade attitude towards jewellery etiquette, it pursues intelligent design centring on pragmatic, tectonic forms.

Nonconformist and creative, Corosch attempts to reinterpret the everyday to create versatile jewellery. Emerging from this versatility is a playful approach to dressing up and down. With an unconventional attitude, and a suggestive spirit Corosch jewellery fluidly takes looks from day to night. The philosophy behind this design is buying less and having more.

Driven by an attempt to reconcile style with sustainability, Corosch uses pure materials to create timeless and untarnished pieces. Its organic design and non-conservative nature redefines jewellery praxis. From natural folds to rippled arrays, Corosch jewellery incorporates unembellished forms to re-explore naturally occurring structures and profiles.