"Stillness" Woven Throw | Artist Collaboration

  • Artist Collaboration between Tom Berry x Goodbond
  • Exclusive to Cuemars
  • Inspired by the Stillness of 2020
  • 100% Cotton
  • Jacquard woven throw



Presenting this brand new collaboration between London designers; Tom Berry and Goodbond. 


Tom Berry quotes: Goodbond and I decided to collaborate on Stillness during the first lockdown here in the UK. My studio was out of bounds at the time and I was working from home like many other people. This period, uneasy for everybody, came with some positives which I wanted to emphasize: A pause, perhaps a better connection to the seasons, and some aspects of tranquillity. This design then, is an enchanted take on familiar domestic things, highlighting them and celebrating our private existences.

Stillness incorporates more pinks and yellows than my work on paper and we've tweaked the greens in order to make the most of the dyed cotton thread which the throw is woven from. I've organised the elements of the image so that they work in any orientation. Whichever way the sun, moon and figures are presented, I hope that they are domestically blissful and a little bit magical too.


MEASUREMENTS: 51" x 68" (1.30 m x 1.70 m)



100% Cotton



Hand wash or machine wash on a cold and delicate cycle, dry separately on a cool cycle or line dry.