The School of Life

What is psychotherapy?

  • This books removes the taboos and myths around therapy
  • Understand what therapy can do for our mental wellbeing 
  • Hardback book


The School of Life strongly believes that psychotherapy is the best way to self-understanding and fulfillment. 

What is psychotherapy? is a book guide that explains the real purpose of therapy and tries to clarify any misunderstandings around it.


Extracts from the book:

  • ‘Psychotherapy is an invention to help improve the way our emotions operate. It has been devised to correct the otherwise substantial difficulties we face in understanding ourselves, trusting others, communicating successfully, honouring our potential and feeling adequately serene, confident, authentic, direct and unashamed.’
  • ‘What happened to us in childhood is the single greatest cause of how we function emotionally as adults.’

Hardback book | 118 x 110mm | 119pp