The School of Life

The Confession Game

  • 100 playing cards designed to prompt and share intimate confessions 
  • Can be played as a group, with a partner or solo for self exploration
  • Explore topics; Careers, Sex, Relationships, Family and Money
  • Created to explore our inner mostly feelings and thoughts, at our own pace


The Confessions Game is a set of 100 cards, expertly designed to span five topics; Career, Sex, Money, Family and Relationships. To be played in a trusted group, with a partner or for sole use, the featured questions will help you explore subjects not regularly discussed in day-to-day life. Once rolled, the dice will choose the category, leading you to pick the related card and discuss the question. 



  • What might friends be most surprised to learn that you’d like to try professionally?
  • Describe, in some detail, the first time you had sex.
  • What unfortunate character trait can be traced back directly to something in your past?


Contents: 100 playing cards with dice | 100 x 90 x 60 mm