Hamsa Paper Vase - Pink

  • Paper Vase as part of Octaevo’s handmade collection
  • Printed with the hands of Hamsa, an ancient symbol of protection
  • Made with waterproof and durable material to ensure long lasting use
  • Easy to use, great as a gift or to decorate your workspace or home



Brighten up surfaces at home or adorn your workspace with a mini paper vase, handmade by Octaevo. Paying homage to tales of the Mediterranean and to Hamsa, the ancient symbol of the hand of protection. May it bring you good fortune and happiness. Simply open the vase gently by pushing in the edges and place over your container of choice. Don’t worry if the vase gets wet, it’s made of waterproof paper so it will dry in no time with no damage.




Measurements: 26.5 cm x 29 cm

Material: 180 gr waterproof paper | Metallic foil stamp feature