Silver Eye Stud Earrings

  • Eye studs in solid sterling silver
  • Connecting the spiritual and nature, gazing down upon the Earth
  • Hand crafted by London based maker Momoko Tamura
  • Designer, timeless and sustainable jewellery pieces
  • Part of the Eye in the Sky collection

The Eye Studs are part of designer Momocreatura's The Eye in the Sky collection. Momoko Tamura creates handmade, timeless and unique pieces of jewellery from her London based studio. These pieces were inspired by the vision of gazing down onto the world and connecting nature with a sense of the spiritual. The all seeing eye holds a place of power throughout history with the idea a higher power watching over us. This item is completed with details marked by hand, finished in a hard gold plating to add a classic and contemporary look. Step into the mystical world of Momocreatura. 

Material: Solid Sterling Silver

To know a bit more about Momocreatura, read her interview on Cuemars Journal.

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