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Organic & Natural Beauty

The beauty products we house here at Cuemars are from likeminded conscious brands with the shared ethos of creating sustainable and eco-friendly skincare.

Quench your skin with the healing properties  of The Munio’s organic body oil, soothe and heal with ethically sourced lotions by Malako or brighten the skin with UpCircle’s recycled coffee face scrub. You can have peace of mind for even the most intimate areas with nourishing balms from Baubo or rejuvenate sensitive skin with a Palm of Feronia facial spritz. From serums to soaps, we are meticulous in bringing you a range that is 100% clean and safe for you and your loved ones.

Our selection of organic skincare products are formulated with ingredients hand crafted from nature by independent labels, ensuring vegan, chemical free and cruelty free beauty. Each product was created to be kind to your skin and kind to the planet. Not only are the brands conscious in the making of their skincare but strive to maintain packaging that is environmentally friendly.

Explore our collection of hand made and natural skincare, curated with your wellbeing in mind and to help promote a conscious lifestyle starting with the skin you are in. Shop the range on our online store, with all our featured brands found below, or visit us at 91 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London where we will be happy to help you on your path to natural and clean beauty.

Shop Independent Brands

face serums and scrubs

UpCircle Beauty

UpCircle Beauty is committed to battling food waste by repurposing leftover coffee from London cafes and creating all natural skincare.

Soap on a rope

Kleen Soaps

Reduce plastic and be kind to skin with Kleen Soaps! This collection takes it back to basics with plant based ingredients and zero waste.

Organic Body OIl

The Munio

The Munio organic skincare collection is handcrafted by women using hand picked flowers and organic oils, now available in refill bottles.

lotions and scrubs

Malako Skincare

The finest, natural ingredients are chosen with care with the aim to nourish skin, stimulate the senses and hold an eco-friendly ethos.

New to the Cuemars Family

Russell and White

Keeping Clean and Safe

Suitable for all skin types, these organic hand washes restore and renourish, as well as keeping you safe from germs.

No Nasty Ingredients

Vegan Friendly and Natural Ingredients! Free from synthetic preservatives, sodium laureath, sulphate parabens or phtalates.

Handmade in the UK

Ollie Russell and Sophie White create unique blends and hand pour each product to ensure the best quality and care. Discover the collection here!

Organic Essential Oils | Crystal Healing

Palm of Feronia Bath & Body Elixir with crystals Cuemars
Palm of Feronia Organic Bath & Body Elixir with crystals Cuemars
Palm of Feronia Bath & Body Elixir with crystals Cuemars
Palm of Feronia Organic Bath & Body Elixir with crystals Cuemars

Bath & Body Elixir with crystals

Made with organic cold-pressed baobab seed oil & sweet almond oil Use in the bath or apply directly on the...