So Cosy

Baby Alpaca Reversible Soft Blanket - Purple & Yellow

  • 100% Baby Alpaca Fibre
  • Designed in the UK
  • Reversible making it highly versatile
  • Ethically woven and hand finished in Peru
  • Hypoallergenic


This Baby Alpaca reversible purple and yellow soft blanket is made from the fleece sheared from the alpaca's very first clip, classified as Baby Alpaca Wool, which makes them extremely soft blankets.

This extra soft blanket has been expertly woven and hand finished to the highest standards in the Peruvian highlands.

Breathable and with natural UV protection, this amazing fibre absorbs and releases moisture to keep you cool in summer and warn in winter.  

Discover more about this natural and sustainable fibre here.


W 130 x L 180cm


100% Baby Alcapa Wool


Purple and yellow


  • Unlike manmade materials, natural fibres like wool do not need to be washed so often. Try to gently clean any specific spots when needed and air the blanket regularly.
  • If the blanket does need a deeper cleaning, we suggest that you take it to the dry cleaners. However, all wool is washable and therefore if you prefer to wash your item at home, run a wool/delicates wash cycle at a low temperature (max. 30 degrees) using a small amount of laundry detergent suitable for wool.
  • If you are hand washing the blanket, soak it in tepid water for about half an hour, then rinse well and press out the excess water, without wringing.

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