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Inspired by Female Entrepreneurs

Jutta, founder of Kleen Soaps, is a professional photographer that moved to London from Mainz, Germany at the age of 21.

She had been shooting a series of female entrepreneurs for WRAPLONDON when she got inspired to create Kleen Soaps.

Listening to all those young women's stories, seeing their determination and passion for their own businesses gave Jutta the motivation to take the plunge!

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Back to Basics to reduce Plastic Waste

During her own personal journey to reduce unnecessary plastic at home, Jutta spent many hours trying to find a natural alternative to shower gels.

Looking for a natural, vegan soap on a rope, with the aim to avoid packaging and to reduce the amount of soap wasted, was becoming a struggle. This prompted an idea and a new business opportunity!

That is how Kleen Soaps transpired from a simple idea to an independent business!



Hi Jutta,

What would you say are the challenges faced by skincare brands nowadays? 

I think that at the moment, natural skincare is becoming more and more important for people and so, there are many natural skincare businesses popping up. In my case, I feel extremely lucky as there is very little competition when it comes to proper natural soap on a rope.

What does a normal day in the studio look like?

Most days I start my day with a Pilates session followed by a couple of hours of admin. I divide my time running both my photography business and Kleen Soaps. Every other day, without fail, I make a batch of new soaps which is a wonderfully satisfying and relaxing thing to do!

"I would like people to feel the joy of using a natural soap bar that is kind to our planet, and cleans and nurtures their skin"

Could you tell us a little bit more about your creative process when it comes to making a new bar soap collection?

I have taken things very slowly, working carefully to come up with the perfect recipes for each of the natural soaps, trialing shapes and packaging.

My family and friends were my number one critics before launching the collection and gave me loads of feedback. I had to apologise many times for being a "soap bore"!

Instagram has been an important platform for Kleen Soaps and being able to shoot the soap bars myself has made the image building for the brand easier. 

What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

I actually love them all! 

However, smelling the soothing essential oils that I use whilst I make a new batch of natural soap makes me feel well and grounded, and using shea butter, which has a beautiful sensual texture, deeply nurtures the skin. 

It is exciting to think that almost all the ingredients in my soaps are edible!

What would you like to communicate to the person who purchases one of your soaps on a rope?

I would like people to feel the joy of using a natural soap bar that is kind to our planet, cleans and nurtures their skin and provides them with a wonderful aromatherapy experience. 

A sustainable lifestyle is important to us and to our customers. Could you tell us how you practise sustainability as an independent business?

My biggest aim is to make people aware of the huge amount of plastic waste that can be avoided and provide a solution. Now that Kleen Soaps is growing, I would like to eliminate all plastic from my supplies and use as little water and electricity as possible.

If you could chose one of your products to keep with you forever, 

what would it be? 

I really enjoy all my soaps, but the one I always come back to is Morning Glory as the mint and eucalyptus essential oils opens up my mind and body in the morning.


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