Plastic… Single-use… Those hated words that have been trending over the past 2 years with ‘single-use’ being named 'Word of the Year' in 2018 by Collins Dictionary!

We can all agree that Blue Planet II was an eye opener and the catalyst for consumers to question what we can do as individuals to diminish plastic pollution as much as possible from our homes. And even though we are living through very strange times in the world, we can still learn and understand more about plastic.

It can be quite overwhelming at first to try to do as much as you can to help, reading all the labels, comprehending the different symbols and especially discovering that so much food wrapping is actually not recyclable at all… In fact, according to National Geographic, only 9% of the plastic produced in the last 60 years has been recycled.

Today, we want to help you on your recycling journey so we are sharing a guide to understanding the different recycling symbols that you will come across from supermarket products to disposable coffee cup lids.

"We do not need everybody to fight plastic pollution perfectly but everybody to fight plastic waste imperfectly! "

We hope this guide helped you understand a bit better what to do with all the plastic that we accumulate at home. 

For more information on how to recycle in the UK, click here.

Let's all do our bit, even if it is imperfectly!

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