Who can we trust in our journey to natural skincare?

As we strive to live more conscious lifestyles and grow ever more curious of the products we consume, natural skincare is prevailing in the beauty and cosmetics industry. At its core, consumers seek to know exactly what is in the lotions and potions they use day in and day out. With a heightened importance put on self-care and well-being, it is only natural our interests turn to what we are putting on our skin and how it might affect our health.

With audiences rebuking high end labels who green-wash products in favour of trends, there is more trust and reliability placed in independent businesses who strive to bring us safe and clean beauty. Unfortunately, there are limited laws in place to which say what can and can’t be used in our most intimate of products, leaving a margin for leading retailers to put skincare on the market with misleading ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ taglines. This leaves a great importance in knowing what exactly is in our beauty products so we can achieve peace of mind as well as beautiful, healthy skin!

Our leading ethos here at Cuemars is to provide products that are both kind to you and the planet. We house a variety of indie beauty brands that lead the way in using the best ingredients from nature, that are both ethically sourced and certified for your safety. Moving forward, opening up the conversation of what clean beauty means is essential, such as not being afraid of words such as ‘chemicals’, as after all, water is a chemical too! It is more so being aware of what is in our favourite cosmetics, how it was made and its journey from maker to your home.

Independent Beauty Brands changing the Industry

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This indie beauty brand tackles London's leftover coffee waste and re-purposes it into beauty products your skin loves! Their range is both cruelty and palm oil free, as well as arriving in 100% recyclable packaging. We love their collection of serums and scrubs that work to hydrate and nourish the skin. The coffee grounds provide us with antioxidants, combined with chai spices and fruit stones, that are rich in vitamins A, C and E. Gentle of all skin types, from sensitive to acne prone.

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Malako Skincare

Inspired by Thai Holistic Medicine, Malako Skincare was created with the ethos that wellness and nature is intrinsic. Utilising the power of plants and their medicinal benefits, this skincare range heals and uplifts - and also smells delicious! The team works closely with farmers in Thailand and the UK, cutting out the middle man to ensure ethical trading and a shared goal of crafting the highest quality product. Stimulate the senses with time-tested, locally harvested ingredients and savour their healing potential.

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A French independent brand, run by women for women, seeking to provide simple access to daily intimate care. This collection of balms seek to soothe and hydrate intimate areas, from bums to boobs, bellies and vulvas. Created with the goal to ease the common discomforts faced by women. The ingredients are honest and plant based, with coconut oil leading the way to calm, soften and lend its anti-bacterial properties. Love the skin you are in.

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the Munio

A female-led business that creates skincare and scents, sourced from nature and crafted by hand. The ingredients are hand picked from the forests of Latvia and fused with organic coconut and sunflower oils to encase the powers of the wilderness. These products both enrich the skin and entice the senses with their candles, lotions and oils. We love their wild flower hand lotion and organic juniper soap, try it for yourself!

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Palm of Feronia

Our latest brand to be welcomed into the Cuemars family, Palm of Feronia is handmade locally here in London. The formulas are made with great care and consideration to bring you beauty products that provide therapeutic effects. Each item in this range is infused with crystals, selected for their healing properties, from cleansing oils to facial mists said to be used by Cleopatra herself! This brand is also committed to planting a tree with every purchase.

"we are devoted to curating a range that is 100% safe for you, your loved ones and for the planet."

working towards a greener future

We take great responsibility in housing the best independent brands on the market who share like-minded values and are committed to clean and conscious beauty. There is so much importance in knowing what is in our daily skincare products and whether they have been derived from a reliable source. Not only is it great to support small and local businesses, but you can also learn how and even who made the balms and lotions that end up in your bathroom.

This honest and open approach is why consumers are favouring independent brands they can trust, over large corporate firms out to gain a profit. The brands we house here at Cuemars can ensure that their practises are both fair trade and eco-friendly. By utilising the ingredients Mother Nature has provided us with and pairing this with these sustainable practises, we can continue to reap the benefits of clean beauty. 

These indie makers are equipped with extensive knowledge, tried-and-tested formulas and the shared goal of reducing our environmental impact. As our skincare collection continues to evolve and grow, we are devoted to curating a range that is 100% safe for you, your loved ones and for the planet.