How can we make our homes match what we see in nature?

On today's journal we are going to give you some easy tips to create your own green haven!

There are loads of little changes and additions that you can bring into your home so you can truly transform your space.

Shall we check them out?

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1- Plants

Yes, it might be a little bit on the nose... But plants are the quickest and most effective way to mimic the outdoors and bring you the peace that you deserve after a busy day in the city!

Plants bring life, colour and happiness to any space. However, we understand that people might be reluctant to have plants in fear that they might die or maybe, because due to a busy lifestyle, they cannot take care of certain plants that may require more attention.

We have selected 5 hardy indoor plants that are great for beginners or for those who are always on the go!

Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Eva Foam
Snake Plant

The Snake plant is a great first companion and one of the most popular plants due to its hardiness. Its beautiful stiff leaves will vary in colour, shape and patterns depending on the variety. If you would like to learn more about the Snake Plant, you can read our Snake Plant care guide.

Non slip surface
Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa is another great indoor plant for beginners. Apart from having striking aesthetics with glossy leaves with rare irregular holes, it is an easy-care plant that will grow quickly under the right sunlight conditions. Happy in a spot with indirect but bright sunlight!

String of Hearts

The String of Hearts or Ceropegia Woodii, has to be at the top of the list of easy-care indoor plants too. It may look like a delicate plant however, it is as sturdy as a cactus with its care being very similar to cacti and succulents. So, if you think you will forget to water your plants, this could be the right one for you. To learn more, have a look at our String of Hearts care guide.

Devil's Ivy

The heart-leaf Devil's Ivy is extremely easy to grow. There are different types but generally they have glossy heart-shaped leaves. Low maintenance and great for propagation too, this house plant favourite will add a pop of colour to your home.

Kentia Palm

If you would like a bigger plant that fills your space, the graceful Kentia Palm could be the answer! Kentia Palms are one of the most popular indoor palms and have everything you can ask for in an easy-care plant; cold tolerant; low light tolerant and it is not too fussy in terms of watering.

ZZ plant

If lighting is a problem for you, the ZZ plant or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, has your back! It is one of the most popular indoor plants for lower light conditions. Careful though! This doesn't mean that they can live in zero light conditions, some sunlight is needed to keep those stems healthy.

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2- Art

Art is another easy way to bring nature indoors.

Why not creating a statement wall with a collection of birds or botanical prints?

There are many ways of jazzing up your walls to add a natural touch to your interior... Especially if you like DIY! You can for example, combine prints with pictures or pressed flower frames...

When it comes to art, the options are almost endless!

Best botanical prints

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3- Scents

Invite nature into your home through the sense of smell.

Natural scented candles will not only take your mind to the wilderness but will also make you feel calm and grounded.

Candles create a relaxing atmosphere even when they are not lit. They have the power of putting you at ease and there is nothing like bringing a candle home and breathing in its soothing essential oils and natural fragrances.

4- Home Décor

Home décor can definitely be your ally when it comes to creating a more exotic look. 

Bring in natural fibers such as rattan and hemp to warm up your space, wooden accessories and colours and textures inspired by the outdoors. 

Textiles, wooden accessories and patterns are another easy way to make your indoors look more tropical. We love the leafy background of this limited edition Tibetan tiger throw by illustrator Jacqueline Colley.

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