The School of Life

Who Am I?

- A guided journal with exercises to develop heightened self knowledge and understanding
- Key skills to delve into who you are as a person and how your brain works
- Topics include work, sex, relationships, utopia and sorrow & compassion
- Work through prompts and questions, designed to enhance your self knowledge

The School of Life London has designed this interactive journal which include exercises made for self exploration. Find yourself stuck when someone asks you to describe yourself or confused about aspects of your character? This book includes prompts and questions, expertly designed to improve your self knowledge and enrich your life. Topics include; Psychology, Relationships. Re-Enchantment and Sex.


- How active is your conscience?
- Rank in order of importance for you in your career: Money, Status, Creativity, Social Impact and Colleagues
- Think of three cities you really liked: what are they getting right?

Hardback journal with exercises | 160 pp | 228 x 160 x 15 mm | Coloured pages with navigational tabs