The School of Life

Emotional Barometer

  • The perfect tool to explain our moods
  • Understand your inner emotional weather
  • 20 cards


How many times do you answer 'Fine' when somebody asks you how you are? And most importantly, how many times do you ask yourself how you really are?

It can be extremely difficult for us to understand our own moods. The Emotional Barometer is the best tool to explain our moods. 


These 20 cards provide definitions of 20 different moods that we can all relate to but that may be hard to explain. You will find descriptions of the sense of feeling anxious, dreamy, nostalgic or weepy. 


The cards can also be passed on to friends and colleagues when you feel they might need them the most.

Box of twenty cards with movable dial and fold-out stand on box lid | 160 x 115 x 20mm