The School of Life

Teamwork Card Game

  • A fun take on a team building activity, simple and easy to play
  • Strengthen your team by getting to know your colleagues
  • 100 questions provide prompts to turn individuals into a team
  • Set up conversations, learn about one another and build bonds


The School of Life has made a handy and easy-to-use game that focuses on team building and strengthening bonds with colleagues. The pack includes 100 cards, divided into 5 different topics; Work, Character, Likes and Interests, the Past and Flaws, Fear and Regrets. Simply roll the dice and pick a card from the relevant category and for more sensitive questions, there is a pass card ready to use to keep the game light and positive.



  • “Do you have any siblings? How did you get on with them when you were small? And now?"
  • “If you could go back and reassure the younger you about something, what would it be?"
  • “How have you treated someone wrongly in the past? What happened?"


Contents: 100 Question cards | Dice | 100 x 100x 60mm  | Instruction card included