The School of Life


  • Guidebook to understand love and relationships
  • Hardback book
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Our understanding of love and relationships is very much influenced by what we see in our surroundings. Nobody has taught us how to love and this can lead to frustration and misery.

This guidebook by The School of Life tells us that love is a skill to be learnt, not just an emotion to be felt. It goes through different key issues, from arguments to sex, giving us the tools to understand that succeeding in love is never a matter of luck.



Chapters include:

  • Post-Romanticism
  • The Problems of Closeness
  • Partner-As-Child
  • Politeness and Secrets
  • Explaining One's Madness
  • Crushes
  • Sexual Non-Liberation


Hardback book | 118 Pages | 190mm x 140mm x 16mm