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On being nice

  • Explore a much forgotten quality
  • Rediscover niceness 
  • Hardback book
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On Being nice is a book that wants to help us to be kinder, more patient and better listeners. 

Sometimes practicing the above qualities can be extremely challenging aand this book is here to give you the knowledge and tools to be less irritable and prickly.

This guidebook will show you that being nice is compatible with being strong and is never an indicator of naivety. In fact, being nice is one of the highest of all human achievements.




Chapters include:

  • Why We Don't Really Want to be Nice
  • Charity
  • Politeness
  • Losers and Tragic Heroes
  • What is the Purpose of Friendship?
  • How to Overcome Shyness
  • Why Flirting Matters
  • How to Be a Good Listener
  • The Charm of Vulnerability


Hardback book | 123 pages | 125 x 185 x 15mm |