The School of Life

Everyday Adventures Prompt Cards

  • 60 cards designed by experts for everyday adventures
  • Spark new ideas and activities with the help of these prompt cards
  • Revive some motivation to find joy in the simple everyday
  • These cards seek to inject pocket-sized adventures into your daily routine


Once we reach adulthood, too often adventures are lost within our everyday routines and we lose track of the little things that add a spark of interest into daily living. The School of Life London present us with their specially designed Everyday Adventures prompt cards, a pack of 60 cards with suggestions, ideas and activities to interject some magic into the everyday!


Adventures include:

• Write down five questions you wish someone else would ask you; ask them of someone else.

• Set your alarm before sunrise and go for a walk.

• Complete the sentence: ‘If I wasn’t afraid of failure, I would…’ Tell a friend your answer.

• Make something nice out of beetroot.

60 cards containing prompts and suggestions | 71.5 x 102 x 34 mm