• A brief history of dating by The School of Life
  • Uncover the anxieties, trials and tribulations of dating
  • Explore the joys and confusion and gain a better understanding of what you hope to gain and achieve
  • Open up your love language and find new ways to communicate your needs, desires and have fun!


The School of Life brings us a book exploring the many themes of Dating. Whether you enjoy the dating scene and meeting new people or find it a daunting and anxiety inducing part of life and love, delve into this guide and open your mind to new methods and ways of thinking.

Including a brief history of dating, navigating the highs and lows, the bad dates and the parts in between of finding real connections and ones you would rather forget. Dating is often seen as a phase before or after love but with the right tools and frame of mind, it can be a character building and most enjoyable part of adult living.


Extracts from the book:

On What to Talk About

 "Our initial impulse might be to pick up on a current event, some detail of the environment or a few impressive things about our careers. But if a date is a test for the success of a long-term relationship, then what we should really be pursuing is mutual understanding of our deeper selves.”

On Dating Too Little

"One of the most important principles of choosing a lover sensibly is not to feel in any hurry to make a choice. Being satisfied with being single is a precondition of satisfactory coupledom. We cannot choose wisely when remaining single feels unbearable. We have to be utterly at peace with the prospect of solitude in order to have any chance of forming a good relationship, or we’ll love no longer being single rather more than we love the partner who spared us being so."


Content: Hardback book | 114 pages | 155mm x 110mm