The School of Life

Connect Card Game

  • Card game to encourage closeness and connection
  • 5 categories: Appreciation; Aspiration; Desire; Forgiveness & Growth
  • 100 cards with dice
  • Instruction booklet included


We constantly chat with our friends, families and partners. However, are we really connecting with them?

The Connection Game by The School of Life is packed with cards that promote rekindling affection, clearing the air and drawing us closer together. 


The questions cover topics such as:

  • What I really admire about you is…

  • When appreciative friends discuss us, what do you think they might celebrate in us?

  • How would you like to come back together again at the end of every day?

  • If you never improved one bit, I’d still...

  • The trick to understanding why I can sometimes be difficult is to remember that...

 Remember why you matter to one another!


100 cards with dice | 100 x 100 x 60mm | Contains adult content