The School of Life

Confidence Prompt Cards

  • 60 prompt cards designed to encourage self belief and growth
  • Confidence is ever evolving and you must challenge self doubt
  • Includes ideas and questions to challenge negative thinking
  • An essential tool in your journey to self knowledge and perspective 


It is a common misconception that confidence is a trait you are either promised or lack. In reality, confidence is the result of a positive sense of self and your beliefs and can be ever evolving. These cards were designed to help spark growth and challenge the inner dialogues that may be holding you back. Work through them by your self or give them to a friend who needs a boost, we believe these are an essential tool in your journey to a more fulfilled lifestyle.


  • 'Everyone is afraid - even those who frighten us.'
  • 'Confidence is what translates theory into practice. It should never be thought of as the enemy of good things; it is their crucial and legitimate catalyst. We need to develop confidence in confidence.'
  • 'We have not seen enough of the rough drafts of those we admire. Confidence means forgiving ourselves for the horrors of our first attempts.'


Content: 60 cards in box | 104mm x 73mm x 36mm