• Meditations on the Anxious Mind by The School of Life
  • Normalising anxiety and providing tools to recognise, understand and combat your fears or worries
  • A series of essays exploring anxiety from different angles
  • A compassionate, grounding and helpful guide


The School of Life brings us a book exploring the many themes of Anxiety. Compiled by a series of essays surrounding the topic, this book helps to normalise Anxiety, an emotion that we are all too familiar with and which effects us in many different ways. 

Explore how to overcome certain bouts of anxiety, why we feel it, our behaviours and the variations of this emotion. This guide provides the tools and understanding tone that will help you work towards a more peaceful and less troublesome future.


Extracts from the book:

On Self-Hatred & Anxiety

“The cure is to remind the anxious person that we are not inherently wretched, that we have a right to exist, that past neglect wasn’t deserved, that we should feel tenderly towards ourselves.”

On Stoicism & Anxiety

“We must always try to picture the worst that could happen – and then remind ourselves that the worst is survivable. The goal is not to imagine that bad things don’t unfold; it is to see that we are far more capable of enduring them than we currently think.”


Content: Hardback book | 111 pages | 200 x 170 x 15 mm

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