David Shrigley

Bury Your Nuts - Puffy Greeting Card

  • Bury Your Nuts Greeting Card by David Shrigley 
  • Removable Eco-Friendly Foam Sticker Included 
  • Blank Inside

Bury Your Nuts Greeting Card by Scottish artist and illustrator David Shrigley. Shrigley is best known for his tongue in cheek humour and quirky takes on everyday life, with his dark humour seeing his work being exhibited around the world.

This greeting card includes an eco-friendly foam squirrel sticker displayed on the front of the card, of which can be removed and reused!




12.6cm x 17.7cm (5" x 7") | 3mm high eco-friendly foam sticker

Produced and Distributed by Third Drawer Down Studio

David Shrigley 2012