If your Tsubota Pearl lighter is having some trouble lighting up, don't worry! It could need a bit of maintenance. Check the below how-tos and keep your Tsubota Pearl lighting for years to come.


Check that your wick length is not too short, nor too long. The ideal length is 3 mm. If it is too short, use some small pliers to gently pull the wick out slightly. If you pull it too much, simply cut it with some scissors. 

You can purchase the cotton wick replacement here.


Replacing the wick might feel daunting, however, following these easy step by step instructions you will manage just fine. 


Flints can be easily found online or many corner shops. If your Tsubota is missing its usual spark, chances are that the flint needs to be replaced. 

If the flint looks like 1/3 of its original size, it needs replacing. 

To do so, carefully remove the wheel unit completely by gently pulling it. Please do not twist when pulling the wheel unit. 

Remove the old flint and replace with the new one. 

Put the wheel unit back in place, making sure that the red dot on the wheel unit is facing outwards as per this picture. 

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To add some lighter fluid, unscrew the bottom of your lighter and check the colour of the cotton wick. If it is bright white instead of grey, it needs fluid. 
Add a little bit of fluid and allow the cotton to absorb it, repeat this until the cotton wick looks grey.
Check this regularly to expand the lifespan of your wick, as the lighter will burn fluid rather than the actual wick. 
Screw the bottom of the lighter, wipe it clean with a cloth and wash your hands before igniting it.