The School of Life

The Dilemmas Game

  • A card game to test your problem solving abilities
  • Includes 52 everyday moral dilemmas
  • Play with family and friends to propose different solutions
  • Use analogies, drawings or real-life experiences to explain your answers and explore life's dilemmas together

Presenting The Dilemmas Game by The School of Life, a card game designed to help you test your problem solving abilities. Featuring 52 cards with everyday moral dilemmas for you and your team to work through, with each player posing a different solution through analogies, life experience or drawings.

The cards include five categories; Relationships, Work, Family, Leisure and Sociability. 


Your close friend has confessed to you that they are cheating on their partner, with whom you are also close. You have been sworn to secrecy, but you hate being a party to their deception. Whichever course you choose will mean betraying a friendship. What would you do?

You’ve been offered a prestigious job at a large multinational company. It’s your ideal role at an increased salary, but the company has a chequered record, having been implicated in several humanitarian disasters in underdeveloped countries. What would you do?

An old friend you have not seen in several years calls you up to say that they need you to lend them a high but ultimately manageable sum of money to help cover the cost of their mother’s funeral. Although they may well be telling the truth, your knowledge of their slightly chaotic past makes you suspect they may have another purpose in mind. What would you do?

52 Cards | 129mm x 90mm x 24mm | Instruction card included