The School of Life

The Family Game

  • Card game to encourage family re-connection
  • 5 Categories: Gentle teasing; Gratitude; Self; Memories & Regrets
  • 100 cards with dice
  • Instruction booklet included


We constantly chat with our families. However, are we really connecting with them?

The Family Game by The School of Life is packed with cards that promote rekindling affection, drawing us closer together and remembering why family counts.

A great game to enjoy this Christmas!


The questions cover topics such as:

  • What would the movie of your family be called?
  • To whom have you been a bit too moody?
  • How would you like to evolve?
  • What was your favourite time of day when you were little?
  • If you could be forgiven for something, what would it be?


Remember why you matter to one another whilst having a laugh all together!


100 cards with dice | 100 x 90 x 60mm | Suitable for ages 12 +