Charlotte Denise Paulette Martin

The Cyclops | screen print - limited edition



  • The Cyclops by Charlotte Denise Paulette Martin
  • Screenprint on Somerset satin 410 gsm
  • Limited edition 25 + 5 artist proofs
  • Size : A1 


The cyclops 

Polyphemus is full of anger.

He wants to smash me on the ground

I am trapped in his cave.

I will make him drunk to gain his trust.

I will deceive him with my name, I am ‘Nobody’.

While he will be asleep, I will blind his single eye with an incandescent sharp olive stake.

I will stick, I will press and I will turn.

The blood will flow around the burning stake, all over the eyelid and eyebrow, burned with the heat.

Screaming in pain, he will call for help.

Who has done this to you Polyphemus? 

Nobody, he will scream in agony.