We Are Out of Office

A Box of Lemon Milk - Risograph Print

  • Size 13 * 18 cm
  • Printed in 300 gsm Biotop paper using soy ink
  • Risograph print - 6 colours
  • Inspired by a trip to Japan

Inspired by a box of Lemon Milk, a drink produced in Japan, this risograph print will bring a modern touch to your interior.

We Are Out of Office designs and prints all their products in small batches in their in-house studio in Utrecht.

What are risograph prints?

Risograph prints are one of a kind. Riso printing is spot colour based uses soy bean oil instead of a toner. One of the main characteristics is that riso printers will only print one colour at a time which, like in screen printing, will create unique textures that cannot be replicated. 

One of the first studios where the riso movement originated years ago was in the Netherlands, where We Are Out of Office are from.

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