Wavy snake earrings - silver

These beautiful wavy earrings are one of Momocreatura’s must-have items. They can be worn along the outer edge of the ear or hanging down from the earlobe. Delicate yet not too sweet, easy to wear.

Material: sterling silver.

This collection was initially inspired by a traditional Spanish Circus Troupe during a trip in Barcelona. Momocreatura created her own version of a fairy tale “Le Cirque Macabre”.
Once upon a time, there was a circus of the dead in a dark enchanted forest. The show was very popular, but the highlight was the dancing snake show and the trapeze artists. The dead made the snakes dance and dance, all day and all night long until the snakes could hardly move, but because they didn’t know what hunger or tiredness was, they wouldn’t let them stop.
The snakes planned to escape from the dead circus before they died, and agreed to escape via the legendary ladder that was rumoured to lead up into the night sky on the day of the full blue moon. On the next full moon, sure enough the ladder miraculously appeared so the snakes started to climb – only to discover that it grew taller and higher as every rung was crossed! But they persevered, and were eventually accepted by the night sky. From there they were reborn as eternal burning stars, and put a spell on the dead circus troupe – forcing them to perform their own never-ending circus all day and all night long, reducing them to mere skeleton hands on the trapeze.

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