Triangle Gold Earrings

  • Hallmark Sterling Silver 925 x 18ct Gold Plated
  • Designer Jewellery by Corosch Studio
  • A contemporary alternative to traditional hoops
  • Style staples to cherish for years to come



These Triangle Earrings are made of Hallmark Sterling Silver 925 x Gold Plated 18 cts. Designed by London based Corosch Studio, these earrings are part of the designer jewellery collection we house here at Cuemars. Versatile and transient, these contemporary earrings are made to last with a finish that is matte and brushed. We believe in investing in style staples that can be enjoyed for years to come.



W: 22 x H: 31 x D: 2 mm 


Hallmarked Sterling Silver 925 x Gold Plated 18cts


Care: Over time, the gold plated finish may fade if overexposed to hard water. This will exposed the Sterling Silver underneath that is very easy to polish with a soft cloth or dish washing liquid. Sterling silver x Gold Plated will not discolour the skin.