The Very Good Candle Company

Rapeseed Wax and Essential Oils vegan candle in amber glass jar - Stormur 170ml

  • Sustainable and locally sourced Rapeseed Wax
  • Essential oils
  • Vegan candle
  • 100% plastic free eco-packaging


The Stormur rapeseed vegan candle is inspired by the Iceland Airwaves Festival, held in different venues across Reykjavik. 

Feel the ocean breeze with its blend of refreshing and earthy aromas of essential oils such as oak moss and eucalyptus


Essential oils: Seaweed, Oakmoss, Eucalyptus and Orange

100% natural and sustainably sourced rapeseed wax

Double Cotton wick

SIZE: 170ml


45-50 hours


Never leave your candle unattended.


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