The School of Life

Western Philosophy

  • 20 illustrated cards featuring the greatest ideas throughout history
  • Spanning thoughts on love, work, anxiety, self knowledge and happiness
  • To use in every day life to inspire and connect the human experience
  • Includes quotes by Socrates to Jean-Paul Sartre to Nietzsche


A set of 20 illustrated cards, presented in a gift box, featuring short essays and quotes by a history of philosophers. Explore thoughts on love, work, anxiety, self and happiness, all connected to help you lead a happy and more fulfilled life. To use in every day life or to post to a friend who wants to expand their mind and connect to the human experience.




  • “Very early on, Greek philosophy twigged that love is not really one thing but a cluster of very different emotions and attitudes that we should carefully distinguish between. Having an array of words for love can spare us the perils of a simple-minded sense that we are no longer 'in love' when we've merely moved onto a different, but still authentically real, phase of love.” Eros and Philia

Contents: 20 cards in a gift box | 159 x 115 x 20mm