The School of Life

The Wonder of Nature Card Set

  • 20 x nature themed cards accompanied by their meanings
  • Educate yourselves on the lessons of the land with short essays
  • Perfect as a learning tool, as decoration at home or to post to a friend
  • Harvest the lessons nature has to offer, open your mind to green living

20 beautifully presented cards focusing on the theme of Nature and the lessons it seeks to teach us. Each card holds a picture of a product from nature, its name and the significant meaning. Perfect as a postbox gift or to keep around the house when you seek to expand your mind and reconnect.


  • Pineapple - a symbol of appreciation
  • The Stone Pine - a symbol of resourcefulness
  • The Walnut - a symbol of scepticism
  • The Giant Star, Aldebaran - a symbol of humility
  • The Feminello Lemon - a symbol of hope

Contents: 20 x illustrated cards | 148 mm x 104mm |  Presentation box