The School of Life

The School of Life - The sorrows of love

  • An essay to navigate the inevitable sorrows of love
  • Learn how to deal with the complexities of love
  • Hardback book

Love has always being linked with being happy. However, it can also be one of the routes to feeling miserable. 

We tend to share only the positive moments of our relationships with others and keep the sadness for ourselves to deal with, as if they were unique and shameful.

The Sorrows of Love will provide context to some of our romantic troubles so we can understand them and feel less alone or even cursed!




Sorrows of Love:

  • I've become a monster
  • They're not who they at first seemed to be
  • I didn't make the right choice
  • I wish I was still single
  • There's so much laundry
  • It was supposed to be nicer
  • I can't tell my partner everything
  • I'm so lonely in my relationship
  • Sex is a let down
  • This is such hard work


Hardback book | 118 x 110mm | 75pp