The School of Life

Snakes & Ladders

  • A twist on the classic board game to explore emotional maturity
  • Hit a ladder, answer the prompt card question and advance to the top
  • Land on a snake and answer a question that may falter your growth
  • Open up and share your strengths and weakness with a trusted group


A contemporary take on the classic game that helps us delve into themes of adulthood and emotional maturity.

It’s easy to navigate, simply pick a counter and make your way through the board with your fellow players. Hit a ladder and pick up a prompt card that will hold a question highlighting a topic of growth, answer and advance in the game. Land on a snake and the question will include a question that may be stunting your emotional intelligence. A great game in being honest with yourself and your peers about the peaks and troughs of adulthood.


Contents: Game Board | 26 Snake Cards x 26 Ladder Cards | 6 Counters x 2 Dice 

197 x 197 x 35mm | Instructions included | Suitable for 14 years +