The School of Life

Relationship Reboot

  • A game designed to help reset and reconnect with your partner
  • Prompt questions will guide and open up intimate conversations
  • 20 cards to work through with additional advice and tips included
  • Explore this game with an open mind and a space free from judgement


The School of Life provides us with the tools to reset our relationships and understand our partner. It is greatly important to check in and reconnect throughout an ever evolving partnership and these conversations offers guidance in starting a healthy dialogue. Paired with supporting advice and text, these questions prompt intimate conversations to be enjoyed as part of an open and safe space, free from judgement.


  • Q: What I would like to be forgiven for...
  • Advice: We need to create an atmosphere where an admission of guilt will be met with tolerance and sympathy. At this moment, we're not asking the other person to wipe the slate clean. We're just stating something from our own side: that we would like to be forgiven for certain things that, we admit, we're really sorry about. We will try to do better - if we're given the chance.


Content: 20 cards in a gift box | 159 x 115 x 20 mm

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