The School of Life

Psychotherapy Cards

  • 20 picture cards featuring short essays on psychotherapy 
  • Includes introductions to give helpful insights into the practise
  • Delve into the history of therapy as well as key concepts
  • A great starter pack for those keen to learn more about the mind


These psychotherapy cards include 20 cards including images and short introductions into key themes. Delve into the unconscious mind and learn the theories behind the practise of therapy. Cards include topics such as; avoidment attachment, the goals of therapy, symptoms and causes, compliance and feeling rather than thinking. Invest in yourself and enhance your self knowledge with the help of The School of Life.


“Therapy cannot make us happy every day, but its benefits are tangible nevertheless. After a course of therapy, we will stand to feel substantially freer. We will realise that what we had believed to be our inherent personality was really just a position we had crouched into to deal with the prevailing atmosphere.”

Contents: 20 x illustrated cards | 155 x 112mm |  Presentation box