The School of Life

How to Overcome your Childhood


- revisiting the past and childhood experiences to understand the adult you are today
- exploring themes of character development, parental styles and our choice of partners
- determine how your upbringing shaped your ideals around success, careers and money
- release yourself from past burdens and continue your journey into self exploration and knowledge

A guide designed to help you navigate the lessons of your childhood and how this shaped you into the adult you are today. Exploring themes such how your parents may have shaped your adult relationships, where your ideals of progression and success originates from and how your character and sense of self was formed.

Topics include:

Emotional Inheritance - How emotional problems are handed down from parent to child
Soothing - How we still require the kinds of affection we received as children
The Golden Child Syndrome - How too much love from our parents can be just as damaging as too little

Contents: Hardback Book | 118 Pages | 187 x 115mm