The School of Life


  • A book exploring Heartbreak by The School of Life
  • Giving perspective, understanding and context to heartbreak and knowing you are not alone
  • Providing you with the tools to process the trials and tribulations of falling in love and the end of a romance
  • Explore attachment theory, history, psychology and a little philosophy to healthily and slowly move forward 


The School of Life brings us a book exploring Heartbreak, something we are either familiar with or will go through during our time on this planet. This book helps you navigate the period after a romance or love has come to an end and aids in processing the emotions as well as providing perspective.

Topics include:

  • Why did they leave us?
  • Attachment Theory - and Break Ups
  • How not to be tortured by a love rival
  • The wider context of our sorrow
  • Our Lover Was Not Unique
  • The Benefits of a Broken Heart


 Extracts from the book:

On The Unfair Dismissal in Love

 “We can’t contact a lawyer or go to the police with an accusation that someone broke our heart. We’re on our own. Not only is there no easy way of getting redress, there’s little on offer to help us deal with the pain. If we have a toothache or a broken leg, we are met by a society that has evolved sophisticated ways of dealing with the problem and built enormous institutions to offer us skilled help.”

On The Benefits of a Broken Heart

 “As we recover, we realise that our inner contentment isn’t entirely dependent on any one person in particular. There are many people and things that can sustain and support us. The great love has gone, but many other loves are still open to us.”


Content: Hardback book | 83 pages  | 168 x 122 mm