The School of Life

The Emotionally Intelligence Office


- Explore twenty core emotional skills designed to help improve the performance of individuals as part of a team
- Work through themes including navigating feedback, accepting failures, addressing insecurities and improving communication
- Designed to help strengthen the team and build confidence in the workplace
- Build the skill set of adaptability, leadership, resilience and creativity

The School of Life Business has designed this book to help strengthen individuals within the workplace. Chapters include twenty core emotional skills that are not necessarily taught in business school but are essential in thriving at work. Themes include; Self-Awareness, Innovation, Playfulness, Confidence and Diplomacy.


On Effectiveness - 'The potential of daydreaming isn't recognised by societies obsessed with superficial productivity. Nonetheless, some of our greatest insights come when we stop trying to be purposeful and instead respect the creative potential of reverie.'

Contents: Paperback book | 183 pages | 175 x 125 x 15 mm | Colour photographs