The School of Life

Eastern Philosophy Card Set

  • 20 illustrated cards about Eastern Philosophy
  • To use in every day life to inspire and connect the human experience
  • Quotes and stories from Eastern thinkers such as The Buddha or Lao Tzu
  • Enrich your knowledge and notions of what philosophy might really be


The Eastern Philosophy set of cards feature the greatest ideas from Eastern Philosophy.

Eastern and Western philosophy have a very similar goal; making us more thoughtful, calm and readier to appreciate our lives. However, in the East, philosophy has been taught via a series of rituals and ceremonies such as tea-drinking, walks in bamboo forests or ritualised flower arranging sessions.

These cards will allow you to sample the wisdom of a whole continent and enriching our idea of philosophy. 


Example Content:

  • The Five Virtues: 'Confucius identified five central virtues that make us good: compassion (ren), ritual propriety (li), justice (yi), knowledge (zhi) and integrity (xin). Crucially, Confucius felt that these five had to be worked on over a whole lifetime. He told his followers: 'At fifteen I had my mind bent on intellectual learning. At thirty, I was busy and practical. At forty, I had doubts. At fifty, I started to learn. At sixty, my ear was an obedient organ for the reception of truth. At seventy, I had learnt to follow the five virtues.'

  • Guanyin: Guanyin is a saintly female in East Asian Buddhism strongly associated with mercy, compassion and kindness. She occupies a similar role within Buddhism as the Virgin Mary within Catholicisim. [...] Guanyin doesn't judge. She understands that you are tired, that you have been betrayed, that things aren't easy, that you are fed up. She has a measure of the difficulties involved in trying to lead a remotely adequate adult life.


20 illustrated cards in a gift box | 159mm x 115mm x 20mm