The School of Life

Career Therapy Prompt Cards

  • A set of cards that explore a possible change of careers
  • 20 exercises to build a plan towards the kind of jobs that suit us best
  • Instruction card included


Are you happy where you are? Would you like to find a way towards a job that really fulfills you?


The Career Crisis cards by The School of Life contain a set of exercises, essays and prompts to guide you towards the type of jobs that will honour our talents and allow us to thrive.  

Topics Explore:

  • Why now? - A chance to wonder why a career crisis has descended.

  • Imagine - An invitation to consider how you would like the future to be.

  • Blocks - The set of blocks preventing us from moving forward.

  • Letting go - Letting go of something, be it of an ideal, a regret, a fear or an ambivalence.

  • What's next? - How we'll get from where we are to where we need to be.


20 cards with exercises | 114mm x 157mm x 19mm