The School of Life

Calming Places

  • 20 Guided Meditations Cards by The School of Life
  • Explore calm-inducing places around the world, reducing stress and relaxing the mind
  • Embark on guided meditation by following the four prompts of see, hear, feel and focus
  • Includes essays describing therapeutic benefits of certain places and what lessons they can teach you in reaching calm


Modern life stressing you out and in need of a mental escape? Discover The School of Life's guided meditation cards - Calming Places. This pack includes 20 Guided Meditation to help soothe and comfort in times of stress, exploring different places around the world and grounding us by using our senses and clearing our minds.

Helping us to imagine various places around the world and allowing us to soak up the lessons they can individually teach us, these cards showcase beautiful photography from sea shores to night skies. Topics include The Milkyway, The Long Train Journey, The Earth from the Air and so much more.


20 leaflets in box | 220 x 160 x 30 mm | Colour Photographs